Electron Induced Processes At the Molecular Level
25th - 29th of May 2007, Hveragerði, Iceland


We cordially invite you to attend the 2007 conference on Electron Induced Processes at the Molecular Level; EIPAM 2007. The conference will be held in Hverager­i, Iceland from the 25th of May to the 29th of May 2007.
EIPAM is a five year programme to study how electrons may be used to manipulate molecules and initiate chemistry. The programme brings together both experimentalists and theorists from a wide range of disciplines including physics, chemistry, engineering and biology. For further information on the ESF Programme including past conferences, opportunities for exchange visits and Fellowship opportunities see: EIPAM

Oddur Ingˇlfsson
Conference Chair

Local organizing Committee

Oddur Ingˇlfsson (Chair)
Beverley Harker (Secretary and Treasure)
Helga D÷gg Flosadˇttir (Local arrangements)
Michal Stano (Local arrangements)
Ragnar Bj÷rnsson (Webmaster)

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Icelandair which




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Oddur Ingˇlfsson
University of Iceland; Science Institute
Dunhaga 3, 107 ReykjavÝk Iceland
Tel.: +354-5254313, Fax.: +354-5528911 E-mail:odduring@hi.is

Beverley Harker
The Open University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1908 655253, E-mail: B.J.Harker@open.ac.uk